mutual meaning in marathi

Word: mutual
Meaning of mutual in english - shared, common

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
ekamek ( एकमेक )
As adjective :
paraspar ( परस्पर )
Synonyms of mutual
collective bilateral reciprocal communal connected convertible dependent give-and-take interchangeable joint public related respective returned united conjoint correlative associated conjunct given and taken interactive interchanged interdependent intermutual partaken participated reciprocated requited
Antonyms of mutual
detached dissociated distinct separate
Identical words :
mutual embrace - khevaakhevi ( खेवाखेवी )
mutual liking - gosi ( गोसी )
mutual attacks - ghaalaaghaali ( घालाघाली )
mutual love - sãvaad ( संवाद )
mutual sprinkling of coloured water - simpane ( सिंपणें )
mutual enjoyment - surat ( सुरत )
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