name meaning in marathi

Word: name
Meaning of name in english - title given to something, someone, fame, distinction, celebrity, give a title, choose, designate

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
naavanaanv ( नाव-नांव )
sangya ( संज्ञा )
naav ( नाव )
Synonyms of name
term brand style label flag signature nickname surname head tag rubric moniker cognomen agnomen pseudonym appellation handle epithet denomination autograph monogram designation alias heading sobriquet nom de guerre nom de plume pen name pet name trade name patronymic eponym namesake matronymic agname autonym compellation place name prenomen proper name stage name note reputation character credit renown esteem praise report repute eminence honor star personality somebody luminary notable lion entertainer hero notability big name superstar headliner call dub identify nomenclature denominate christen characterize baptize entitle ticket classify define cognominate give a handle put tag on appoint elect make list declare recognize mention suggest announce cite select slot index remark peg signify instance connote commission delegate tap denote specify single out refer to pin down point to put down for
Antonyms of name
name unknown dishonor disrespect ill repute censure condemnation ignore neglect refuse reject
Identical words :
named so-and-so - aakhy ( आख्य )
named so and so - aakhya ( आख्या )
named - aavh ( आव्ह )
name of kṛṣṇa - hrishikesh ( हृषीकेश )
name of arjuna - kiriti ( किरीटी )
name of the god khaṇḍobā - khanderaay ( खंडेराय )
name of śiva - maanikesvar ( माणिकेस्वर )
name and form - naanvaruup ( नांवरूप )
name of - parameshvarapur ( परमेश्वरपुर )
name given according to the sign of the zodiac at the time of birth - raashinaanv ( राशिनांव )
name given by cakradhara to one of his female disciples - saadhen ( साधें )
name of the god śiva - saimbanaath ( सैंबनाथ )
name that cakradhara gave to a certain ugly woman - sobhaagen ( सोभागें )
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