near meaning in marathi

Word: near
Meaning of near in english - close by physically, close in time, forthcoming, familiar

Meanings in marathi :

As adverb :
sanedhi ( सनेधी )
Synonyms of near
neighboring immediate warm adjoining adjacent nearby burning touching ready bordering abreast alongside around available beside conterminous contiguous convenient handy practically proximate abutting nigh along toward approximal at close quarters close shave close-at-hand close-by in close proximity near-at-hand next door not remote side-by-side vincinal hair's breadth within stone's throw imminent impending expected approximate looming approaching at hand comparative relative in the offing dear friendly intimate related connected allied affecting akin
Antonyms of near
far faraway deferred postponed gone distant detached separate cool remote expired past unfamiliar later unfriendly disconnected
Identical words :
As adjective :
nearby - sejin ( सेजीं )
nearness - saahaavaas ( साहावास )
near about - javalipaasi ( जवळीपासि )
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