nephew meaning in marathi

Word: nephew
Meaning of nephew in english - man, relative, kinsman, kinswoman

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
bhaasa ( भासा )
bhaacha ( भाचा )
बहिणीचा मुलगा, किंवा (स्त्रीच्या) भावाचा मुलगा, किंवा नवऱ्याच्या बहिणी&radic
Synonyms of nephew
father brother son guy fellow husband sir beau gentleman grandfather papa swain spouse boyfriend Mr. uncle sibling mother cousin folk agnate cognate connection blood folks relation niece aunt grandparents sister-in-law stepbrother mother-in-law kinsperson stepparent brother-in-law in-laws stepsister father-in-law clansperson
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