one who goes meaning in marathi

Word: one who goes

Meanings in marathi :

jaanhaar ( जान्हार )
Identical words :
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one who has a share in somethingone who has achieved the spiritual goal and one who is striving to attain itone who has an experienceone who has come as a prospective groomone who has conquered sense pleasureone who has given up sense pleasureone who has the highest kind of knowledgeone who has undertaken to fulfill a vowone who informs aboutone who is a cāṇḍāla by virtue of his actionsone who is always asking for somethingone who is asleepone who is attached to worldly lifeone who is crazy about godone who is deeply in debtone who is desirous of gods prasādaone who is fit to be contemplatedone who is in errorone who is inclined to devotionone who is intoxicatedone who is no more than humanone who is nourishedone who is speakingone who is thirsty eagerone who is thirstyone who is tired or exhaustedone who knows charms and magicone who knows the inner thoughts and feelings of anotherone who knowsone who lives a long time