religious rites performed daily meaning in marathi

Word: religious rites performed daily

Meanings in marathi :

nityanem ( नित्यनेम )
स्नान- संध्यादि नित्यकर्म
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religious ritual in which unwidowed women offer a mixture of curds milk rice etc to a goddessreligious ritualreligious ritualsreligious wanderingreligious way based on direct experience as opposed to one based on faith a viśvāsapanthareligious way based on faithreligiousremainderremaining behind kīrtimukha is one of the śiva-gaṇas his head is carved on the threshold of a śiva temple when one has darśana of śiva one ignores kīrtimukharemedyrememberance of a previous liferememberingremovalremoved from the worldremoving ones headgear as a mark of respectremoving the fatigue caused by travellingremuneration paid to a village headmanrenouncerrenouncing everything as evilrenovationrenuncationrenunciation of worldly liferenunciationrepeated sufferingrepeated utterancerepeatedlyrepentancerepetition of a mantrarepetition of a plearepetition of the divine name hari