the deity in a body meaning in marathi

Word: the deity in a body

Meanings in marathi :

pindastasth ( पिंडस्त--स्थ )
शरीरातील देवता
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the deity māyā or caitanyathe deity saṭvāīthe deity varuṇathe deity viśva of the size of the universethe deity who rules over the dreaming statethe deity īśānyathe deity śeṣaśayyā a form of viṣṇuthe deity śeṣaśayyāthe depthsthe descending shoot of a banyan tree which takes root and grows upwardsthe desire for a son for a wife and for famethe destructible world composed of the five elementsthe destruction of an object of worshipthe destruction of saṃsārathe dharma or religion of deities other than the one supreme godthe din of musical instrumentsthe direction in which wind blowsthe disciples of a guruthe discipline of silencethe discontinuation of a land grantthe distinction between a king and his feudatory princesthe distribution of prasādathe divine incarnation cakradharathe divine name alonethe divine name as a mantrathe divine name as an altarthe divine river gaṅgāthe dot representing the anusvāra in the syllable oṃthe dried-out stump of a treethe dried-up trunk of a tree