thrashed by the wind meaning in marathi

Word: thrashed by the wind

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
vaataahat ( वाताहत )
वाऱ्याने झोडलेले
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thrashingthread tied around a boys waist at the time of his investiture ceremonythreadthreadbarethreatthree and a half croresthree and a halfthree attitudes favourable opposed and indifferentthree characteristics of jīvas low thoughts low ways and low pleasures see sūsaṃs 17three folds of flesh on the bellythree hundred and sixtythree persons or personified beingsthree piecesthree postures in haṭhayogathree rolls of fat around the waistthree times a daythree timesthree vertical lines of sandalwood paste drawn on the forehead of vaiṣṇavasthree years oldthree-eyedthree-facedthree-layeredthree-legged standthree-pronged harrowthree-storeyed structurethree-storeyedthree-stringed necklacethreethreefold māyāthreefold