Narration meaning in hindi | Narration ka matlab 

Narration meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Narration 
Usage of Narration: 1: His narration of the Ramayan was very interesting. 2: The narration of "The Book" was split between two usherettes 3: There is no narration 4: Walton assumes the narration again 5: His narration serves as the so-called "voice of God" 6: This narration gives some dualistic dimension to Ayyavazhi theology. 7: He said, as a male name, a simple narration of facts in their order and their circumstances 8: HERE is sometimes said that designates a place in a speech, in a narration in a book, etc 9: History, fabulous narration 10: Interrupting the speech over the course of history, narration
Narration ki paribhasha : vah vaaky aadi jo kisi jatil pad ya vaaky aadi ka arth spasht karata ho upanyaas ke tau bhedon men se ek

Narration synonyms
tale anecdote narrative story explanation yarn recital rehearsal report relation telling account voice-over recounting recountal storytelling
Narration antonyms
concealment suppression 
Usage of Narration in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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