Negative meaning in hindi | Negative ka matlab 

Negative meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Negative 
Usage of Negative: 1: he answered in the negative 2: The crossover distortion can be reduced further by using negative feedback. 3: Mother Teresa attracted some negative attention in the Western media. 4: AIDS has recently had a negative effect on life expectancy 5: Notably, negative real numbers can be obtained by squaring complex numbers. 6: Valley of the Dolls opened to almost uniformly negative reviews. 7: The film opened to mostly negative reviews but did very well 8: Woodruff's experiments with rats, however, produced negative results. 9: The album received mainly negative reviews 10: This album received some negative reviews.
Negative ki paribhasha : khaate, ganit aadi men jo RRin ke paksh ka ho na ya nahin ka bodhak shabd ya vaaky nahin vah plet ya philm jisapar photo liya jaata hai aur jisapar prakaash aur chhaaya ki chhaap ulati padti hai, arthaat jahaaan khulata or saphed hona chaahiye kaala aur gahara hota hai aur jahaaan gahara aur kaala hona chaahiye vahaaan khulata or saphed hota hai

Negative synonyms
unfavorable adverse pessimistic gloomy weak resisting jaundiced opposing removed contrary against antagonistic balky colorless counteractive cynical detrimental nugatory repugnant unenthusiastic uninterested unwilling resistive recusant refusing anti dissenting invalidating denying disallowing neutralizing rejecting abrogating annulling contravening naysaying impugning disavowing nullifying gainsaying dissentient privative unaffirmative refutation denial refusal disavowal
Negative antonyms
confident favorable good positive approval 
Usage of Negative in sentences

The word is used as adjective noun in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun, verb or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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