Non existent meaning in hindi | Non existent ka matlab 

Non existent meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Non existent 
Non existent synonyms
vacant negative tenuous airy baseless blank chimerical dead departed dreamy empty ethereal extinct flimsy gone groundless hypothetical illusory imagined immaterial insubstantial legendary lost missing null and void shadowy unsubstantial vague vaporous hallucinatory imponderable dreamlike extinguished fancied few and far between gossamery passed away passed on perished ungrounded without foundation lacking devoid wanting hollow bare omitted minus vacuous vanished obsolete asleep bygone cold deceased done for down the drain inanimate inoperative invalid kaput late lifeless out of commission exanimate expired had it whimsical fantastic abstract fictional fanciful theoretical ideal visionary apocryphal assumed deceptive delusive fabulous illusive imaginative made-up phantasmal phantasmic quixotic spectral supposed supposititious trumped up apparitional dreamed-up figmental fool's paradise allegorical fabled fantasy fictitious pretended storied traditional untrue fictive invented false created fabricated folkloric worthless ineffective barren bad nothing powerless unavailing useless vain inefficacious characterless unsanctioned unbelievable artificial aerial impalpable insincere intangible misleading mock nebulous ostensible romantic seeming sham phantasmagoric suppositious reachy storybook fairy-tale unattainable public domain no longer published out of stock married taken unaccessible bankrupt closed no more conceptual fantastical
Non existent antonyms
existing real actual existent true abundant sufficient filled attending full complete present functioning operative valid working alive operating factual ordinary proven practical genuine physical substantial historical worthwhile worthy profitable effectual valuable good effective authentic sincere available 
Usage of Non existent in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi 
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