Non stop meaning in hindi | Non stop ka matlab 

Non stop meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Non stop 
Non stop synonyms
unending interminable unbroken endless unfaltering perpetual continuous continual eternal everlasting indefatigable perennial untiring amaranthine day and night on a treadmill round the clock world-without-end consistent regular stable even firm invariable uniform permanent connected equable habitual homogeneous immutable monotonous standardized steadfast together unalterable unchanging unflappable unvarying stabile monochrome like the rock of gibralter monophonic of a piece regularized solid as rock unfluctuating unrelenting chronic persistent sustained abiding enduring persisting right beeline horizontal point-blank unswerving straightaway true in bee line in straight line linear not crooked shortest straight ahead rapid accelerated quick swift high-speed velocious timeless day-and-night interminate boundless immortal tenacious punishing unflagging pertinacious unrelieved unstoppable unabated confirmed faithful rhythmic unwavering straightforward smooth successive consecutive vertical level plumb perpendicular running square upright erect inflexible precipitous sheer collinear in a line in a row in line like an arrow lineal rectilineal rectilinear unbent uncurled undeviating undistorted free opened one-way unhindered unyielding undisturbed peaceful ongoing 24/7 all day and all night at all times dateless frequent recurrent repeated repetitive unfailing aeonian oft-repeated staying unwaning
Non stop antonyms
unstable unsteady interrupted untrustworthy completed discontinuous intermittent bounded indirect irregular ending stopping terminable ceasing finished broken terminating incontinuous temporary transient inconstant halting infrequent occasional concluded inconsistent wobbly changeable changing fickle varying concluding disloyal flagging undecided undetermined untrue unfixed imbalanced different fluctuating wavering merciful ephemeral relenting sympathetic brief unfair dishonest unjust wily deviating corrupt devious sluggish indefinite uncertain vague slow imprecise obscure limited kind understanding surrendering yielding unfaithful weak deceitful uneven horizontal level curved disordered disorganized diluted mixed unconventional prone twisted disorderly untraditional incomplete unfinished disturbed 
Usage of Non stop in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun, verb, adverb or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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