Numbering meaning in hindi | Numbering ka matlab 

Numbering meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Numbering 
Usage of Numbering: 1: You have to test building numbering . 2: Once numbering in the millions 3: Jesus attracted huge crowds numbering in the thousands 4: However, the islands do not follow the standard French numbering system. 5: 1942 into the Pavlov Regiment, numbering up to 350 men. 6: , year numbering may use the A.D. system as well as the ROC era.
Numbering ki paribhasha : vastuoan ko samooh se tatha ek doosari se alag alag karake unaki snkhya nishchit karana shnkha, chakra, gadaa, padm ya trishool aadi ke chihn garam dhaatu se baahu par chhapavaana

Usage of Numbering in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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