O meaning in hindi | O ka matlab 

O meaning in hindi

How to pronounce O 
Usage of O: 1: We watched the venus with a telescope.
Decorate the car with fresh flowers.
His next match is with the Korean player.
The temperatures dropped to below zero and we were numb with cold.
2: She set the alarm at 6 o clock. 3: In eight attempts, Moore blocked zero punches. 4: Porta Sempione o Arco della Pace 5: Andrade's final project was a long poem called "Meditação Sôbre o Tietê". 6: Swedish sites are frequently labelled using a and o 7: A communicating class is closed if the probability of leaving the class is zero 8: More generally, it is the speed of anything having zero rest mass. 9: Jewish population growth is currently near zero percent 10: The 6 fps figure corresponds to the delay set to zero
O ki paribhasha : kaan ka ek aabhooshan

Usage of O in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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