Of a kind meaning in hindi | Of a kind ka matlab 

Of a kind meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Of a kind 
Usage of Of a kind: 1: The companies are two of a kind . 2: According to fable, the phoenix is one of a kind 3: Botanical name of a kind of the palm family, which is grown in tropical regions and which is mainly derived sago 4: He also said, by extension, Some wire work, silk, or other material, which is composed of a kind of rounded head and hanging nets, which are used to attach or decorate clothing, draperies, etc 5: It also tells of a kind of Dais usually lined with cloth, which hung above a bed and curtains which hold 6: It usually attached to it the idea of a kind of violence 7: Maw-ha, one of the common names of a kind family of plants called Snapdragon Personnées 8: Musical Instrument much used in antiquity, consists of a kind of cash on the front face of which are fixed ropes attached to top 9: Numeral Cardinal First of all numbers, which marks a person, that one thing alone, one of a kind 10: Quantity of a kind of commodity that is in stores, in warehouses or in the markets of a trade-up

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The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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