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Offense meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Offense 
As noun : अंघस Ex:  I'm sorry you took offense . अउहेर, अउहरी Ex:  Martina Navratilova said that "Henin's offense is just phenomenal. अठागुण Ex:  When the offense gains 10 yards अतिदोष Ex:  If the offense fails to gain a first down after 4 downs अपमान Ex:  Where he is stopped is the point where the offense will begin its drive उ:   अपमान सहने से अच्छा है वेदना सह लेना। अपराद्धि Ex:  Some defensive penalties give the offense an automatic first down. अपराध Ex:  Players often play on offense as well as defense. उ:   इस अपराध के लिए उसे जेल में सजा सुनाई जाती है। अभद्रता Ex:  At the college and NFL levels, most play only offense or only defense. उ:   यह घटनाएं बिलकुल अलग थीं और इनमे कोई नियमित अभद्रता नहीं पाई गयी। अभिद्रव Ex:  In contrast to members of the offense अभिनिर्माण Ex:  To stop the offense from advancing the ball अभिस्कंद Ex:  According to Locke, unused property is waste and an offense against nature. अमानना Ex:  When he stood trial for his offense आक्रमण Ex:  No gun offense in New Jersey is graded less than a felony. उ:   उसी वर्ष चीन ने भारत पर आक्रमण किया था। आगस् Ex:  Though never the focal point of the Celtics' offense आजवन Ex:  One turn on offense for each team constitutes an inning आलक्षण्य Ex:  A hanging offense आस्कंद Ex:  Act of the legislature which grants pardons to perpetrators of the same criminal offense or political उपमर्द Ex:  and he usually takes offense at उपार Ex:  and then always takes offense at एनस Ex:  Ask for repair of an offense कदर्थन Ex:  BE ACCOMPANIED Conduct also means few people with you for some purpose and it often takes offense at किल्बिष Ex:  Breach of trust, that the offense being committed by abusing the trust of someone कुफर Ex:  Breakage sealed offense that is committed by illegally breaking the seals कृफुर Ex:  BUSINESS It is figuratively said that 'we usually do; and in this sense, it usually takes offense at जलालत Ex:  Committing offense डिक्को Ex:  DEAF says, figuratively, of some things being done secretly, without noise, brightness, and in this sense it always takes offense at धकौ Ex:  He also said Action by which one meets someone repairing the offense that has made him नक्कार Ex:  He still says, speaking of Things you look like an offense reached by नाराज़गी Ex:  He takes offense at उ:   मुझे उनसे कोई नाराज़गी नहीं है। पायान Ex:  He takes offense at प्रतिधावन Ex:  He takes offense at प्रपतन Ex:  Hear, hear the joke well, take good things said in jest, do not take offense मंतु Ex:  Hearing the joke, the joke listen well, hear joke, Take good things said in jest, do not take offense मानग्रंथि Ex:  If stung take offense means, get angry मानपरिखंडन Ex:  In both meanings, he takes offense at मुहिम Ex:  In this second sense, it sometimes takes offense at विनिकार Ex:  It always takes offense at विनीय Ex:  It always takes offense at विप्रमोह Ex:  It always takes offense at विमानना Ex:  It always takes offense at व्रज्य़ा Ex:  It always takes offense at शत्रुविग्रह Ex:  It is an offense nothing समाक्रमण Ex:  It is familiar and ordinarily takes offense at हून Ex:  It is familiar and still take offense at
Other : जुर्म Ex:  Committing the same offense again, the same crime उ:   अगले दस सालों तक शहर में जुर्म लगातार कम होता गया।
Offense ki paribhasha : vah kaary jisake dnd ka bidhaan raajaniyam ke anusaar ho aaghaat pahuanchaane ke liye kisi par jhapatana

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The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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