Operative meaning in hindi | Operative ka matlab 

Operative meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Operative 
Usage of Operative: 1: Surgery itself has an operative death rate of about 4.4% 2: Although the Angolan government says FLEC-FAC is no longer operative 3: A lively and operative faith 4: operative medicine, one that aims surgeries 5: operative shock, sudden state of depression at subsequent surgery 6: This agreement is not fair, it will not be operative
Operative ki paribhasha : jo vyavahaar ke liye upayukt ya thik ho mishrit ya snkar jaati se utpann phal ki aakaanksha se yagyaadi karm karanevaale vah doot jo kisi baat ka chupachaap bhed leta ho mal jo atma ki drak aur drakashakti ko aachchhaadit karata hai haath se achchhe achchhe kaam banaane vaala aadami

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The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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