Oracle meaning in hindi | Oracle ka matlab 

Oracle meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Oracle 
Usage of Oracle: 1: My sisters the oracle in investment matters. 2: For the oracle "ex tripudiis" according to Cicero 3: Apollo killed the Python of Delphi and took over that oracle 4: Although most oracle sites were usually dedicated to Apollo 5: Antiquity The oracle of Delphi and, by extension, Any woman who did business of predicting the future 6: Consult the oracle 7: oracle 8: Talking like an oracle, in a tone of oracle have a tone of oracle, Speaking in a solemn tone, which does not admit doubt or contradiction 9: The Delphic oracle 10: The oracle had predicted that
Oracle ki paribhasha : vah jo honevaali baat pahale se hi kah de kisi adrashy devata ka vachan jo antariksh men sunaayi pade vah shabd ya vaaky jo aakaash se devata log bolen

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The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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