Ornament meaning in hindi | Ornament ka matlab 

Ornament meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Ornament 
Usage of Ornament: 1: Woodcuts were the regular ornament and they were offered without much care. 2: The tendency of human nature has always been to ornament every article in use. 3: Jewellery is a personal ornament 4: This ornament still existed in 1940-50. The Swastika was also a heraldic symbol 5: A building devoid of ornament ornaments 6: A red ornament 7: A white ornament 8: ACCOMPANYING also said that it looks like a necessary accessory for certain things, either for convenience or for ornament 9: Botanical plant of the family Geraniaceae used to ornament gardens 10: Architectural ornament that is placed at the ends of a ridge
Ornament ki paribhasha : arth aur shabd ki vah yukti jisase kaavy ki shobha ho chhoti lotiya ke aakaar ka mitti ka kumhaaron ka ek aujaara, jisaka vyavahaar ghade aadi ke banaane men hota hain saahity ke anusaar nau rason men se ek ras jo sabase adhik prasiddh hai aur pradhaan maana jaata hai ek prakaar ka mahokh pakshi jise jaghi ya sindh monaal bhi kahate hain

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The word can be used as noun, verb or transitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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