Pair meaning in hindi | Pair ka matlab 

Pair meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Pair 
Usage of Pair: 1: He was using a pair of cutters to cut the wire 2: With the pair of shears in his hand he was looking like a gardener. 3: Atul bought a pair of trousers. 4: Atul bought a pair of trousers. 5: My brother wears a clumpsy pair of shoes. 6: I have a pair of seamed stockings. 7: She wore an imported pair of slippers. 8: A pair of otters slithered along playfully . 9: I want to buy this pair of jeans . 10: Twins were born to the pair in March 1898
Pair ki paribhasha : RRiddhi aur vraddhi naamak do oshadhiyaaan do bhinn prakaar ka svabhaav ya vratti ek padaarth men doosara padaarth dalana anyonyaashrit do vastuean ya baaten

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The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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