Partition meaning in hindi | Partition ka matlab 

Partition meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Partition 
Usage of Partition: 1: The coming generations have to face the repurcussions of partition of the
2: They planned to partition the basement off . 3: During the partition of Bengal 4: Where a charge overlays a partition of the field, the rule does not apply. 5: A line of partition may be straight or it may be varied. 6: The variations of partition lines can be wavy 7: The Arabs, however, rejected the partition plan. 8: A second partition of Poland was made on July 17 9: This uprising finally led to a partition of Ukraine between Poland and Russia. 10: With the partition of India in 1947
Partition ki paribhasha : gauon aadi ke liye ek vishesh prakaar ka bhojan jisamen khari binaula aadi chijen rahati hain utani vastu jisani kuchh adhik vastu men se alag ki jaay vah chij jo bich men padkar aad karati ho kisi vastu ke do ya adhik bhaag ya hisse karana

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The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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