Penance meaning in hindi | Penance ka matlab 

Penance meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Penance 
Usage of Penance: 1: A late penance 2: A sentence, a light penance 3: atone for his sins by prayers, by his tears, by a long penance 4: Canons penitential, Canons of the early church concerning public penance 5: Complete the penance satisfy his penance, do penance 6: Deal penance 7: Doing penance for his sins 8: Doing penance imposed 9: For penance for your penance, penance for your delay, you will make a bad dinner 10: Give a penance
Penance ki paribhasha : shaastraanusaar vah kraty jisake karane se manushy ke paap chhoot jaate hain

Usage of Penance in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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