Poke meaning in hindi | Poke ka matlab 

Poke meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Poke 
Usage of Poke: 1: Dont poke the pencil in your ear, it might injure your eardrum. 2: Drilling machines are used to poke through the wall. 3: Stop poking at me!  Don't poke at the turtle . 4: He likes to poke Always 5: Putting his nose to nose, poke his nose where it does not care, Mingling something indiscreetly 6: The one, the one that likes to poke 7: This stuff, this tapestry is all lost, there are holes to poke hand 8: When it is near the fire, he only poke 9: , If poke around, stick his nose into everything, if introduced into all the houses, in all companies, interfere in any kind of business to meddle in what none of your
Poke ki paribhasha : kapade taat aadi ko sikar banaaya hua paatr jisamen koi vastu bharakar bnd kar saken kisi sthaan ko gahara karane ke liy vahaaan ki mitti aadi ukhaadkar phekana haath ka vah roop jo uangaliyon aur aangoothe ko bnd kar lene par hota hai aur jisase praayaः aaghaat kiya jaata hai idhar udhar jhukakar dekhana

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The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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