Practitioner meaning in hindi | Practitioner ka matlab 

Practitioner meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Practitioner 
Usage of Practitioner: 1: The job of a medical practitioner is highly demanding. 2: In countries using a general practitioner system 3: A practitioner of yoga is called a yogi. 4: The most successful practitioner of this process was Ivan III 5: a great practitioner 6: adjectively, a medical practitioner 7: Director in points, the practitioner who performs this work 8: It is more practitioner than theoretician 9: This is skilled practitioner
Practitioner ki paribhasha : bhaarat ki pashchimi sima ka ek prasiddh nagar jo kisi kala ya vidya men nipun ho kisi kaary men snlagn rog door karane ka upaay karane— vaala kisi kala ka gyaata aur us kala men kaary karanevaala

Usage of Practitioner in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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