Precaution meaning in hindi | Precaution ka matlab 

Precaution meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Precaution 
Usage of Precaution: 1: As a security precaution 2: The mission is now planned for August 2008. As a safety precaution 3: Have a word on the lips, be on the point of saying something we accept scruples, discreetly, as a precaution 4: It brought a lot of precaution 5: It still means Action to kill animals or to slaughter, or as a precaution against an outbreak 6: Pay flank the enemy, or if wear walk with so little precaution that can be taken in flank by the enemy 7: Remember still means Ensure precaution a person, something 8: SE Bring pledge means colloquially, to appeal something precaution 9: Take some measures as a precaution 10: Without care, without precaution

Usage of Precaution in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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