Prey meaning in hindi | Prey ka matlab 

Prey meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Prey 
Usage of Prey: 1: he fell prey to muggers 2: He fell prey to political chicanery. 3: The party has become a prey to poor leadership.
Does he have the necessary leadership qualities.
The party leadership will appoint the Gensaldecretary.
4: The hunter decoyed the prey using a loaf of meat . 5: The little mouse fell prey to the claws of a stealthy cat. 6: Many birds prey on snakes . 7: As they are a prey animal 8: Water and prey enters the mouth 9: In some parts of Africa lions prey on elephants. 10: They prey on small invertebrates
Prey ki paribhasha : vah rekha jo chamade ke mudne ke mudne ya sikudne se padti hai kisi ke maal ka jabaradasti chhina jaana bhay dikhaakara, maar patikar ya chhin jhapatakar le lena daab pahuanchaakar ya ragad ke dvaara ekadil karana jngali pashuon ko maarane ka kaary ya krid

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The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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