Prodigal meaning in hindi | Prodigal ka matlab 

Prodigal meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Prodigal 
Usage of Prodigal: 1: the parable of the prodigal son 2: at miserly father, the prodigal son 3: Character, usually the man or woman who is prodigal 4: Having the large hand, be generous or be prodigal 5: It is a prodigal 6: It is not liberal, it is prodigal 7: It is prodigal to the success of this enterprise, the public interest 8: It means figuratively also do no prodigal one thing, which is strong household 9: Judicial Council says of Man law designated by Justice after consulting the family council to manage the property of a prodigal 10: The Children's parable of the prodigal
Prodigal ki paribhasha : kisi kaam men kisi vastu ka lagana bure kaamon men vyay karanevaala yog men asmitaa, raaga, dvesh aur abhinivesh in chaaron kleshon ka ek bhed ya avastha jisamen koi klesh apane poorn roop men vartamaan rahata hua apane vishay ka grahan karata rahata hai

Usage of Prodigal in sentences

The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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