Professed meaning in hindi | Professed ka matlab 

Professed meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Professed 
Usage of Professed: 1: She professed of being his mother. 2: He professed himself as an intellectual. 3: "nearly all the successors of Alexander professed themselves Stoics". 4: In the 2001 census, 28% of the population professed 'no religion' whatsoever. 5: The EPLF professed Marxism and egalitarian values devoid of gender 6: The Germans professed astonishment, with reason. 7: Absolutely, he professed at the College de France 8: both genders He thought of Him, from that professed the reformed religion 9: disavowed opinions, doctrines he professed up 'Then 10: He professed gallantry
Professed ki paribhasha : jo prakaash men aa chuka ho jo moolataः na ho parntu us naam se prachalit ho

Usage of Professed in sentences

The word can be used as verb or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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