Propriety meaning in hindi | Propriety ka matlab 

Propriety meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Propriety 
Usage of Propriety: 1: Action that hurts or propriety of the world uses 2: Call to order, blame Sort the chairman of a meeting inflicts on one of the members missed the Regulation or propriety 3: Getting aware of one thing, Getting scruples of a thing, because we believe it is against the right morals, against reason, against propriety 4: Go, go beyond the bounds of propriety 5: Having the sense of propriety 6: He also said, figuratively and in a bad sense, a light person, unscrupulous on the principles, respect and propriety 7: In good rule According to the law, custom, propriety 8: It also means Who is contrary to propriety 9: It is the rule that is consistent with the use, propriety as 10: It means figuratively Action to depart from reason, morality, propriety of
Propriety ki paribhasha : taatparyabodh ke liye vaaky ke tin gunon men se ek vah achchha barataav jo keval dikhalaane ke liye kiya jaay

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The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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