Prosperous meaning in hindi | Prosperous ka matlab 

Prosperous meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Prosperous 
Usage of Prosperous: 1: Once prosperous he now leads the life of a mendicant. 2: She went to foreign to become a prosperous lady. 3: Whereas Belfast was prosperous and industrial 4: His family were prosperous 5: Along with California's prosperous agricultural industry 6: The Inca were prosperous and advanced 7: Her father was a prosperous insurance broker of Irish descent 8: London had become the largest and most prosperous city in England 9: Northern German towns grew prosperous as members of the Hanseatic League. 10: Although the colony was prosperous
Prosperous ki paribhasha : jise kisi prakaar ka kasht na ho, sab prakaar ka sukh ho jisaka ansh ya vibhaag na kiya gaya ho athava jisake tukade ya vibhaag na hue hon vah naayak jo ek hi vivaahit stri men anurakt ho vaibhavayukt vah jisake paas bahut adhik dhan snpatti ho ped se malakar ya daayankar alag kiya hua dhaan mahaabhaarat ke anusaar ek naag ka naam

Usage of Prosperous in sentences

The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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