Provoke meaning in hindi | Provoke ka matlab 

Provoke meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Provoke 
Usage of Provoke: 1: Ashmit Patel tried to provoke Dolly Bindra but she didn't 2: Immigration policy does not provoke much debate in Mauritius 3: Luther's growing conservatism would provoke more radical reformers. 4: To provoke France into declaring war with Germany 5: Giving a headache to someone, cause him trouble, provoke him embarrassment 6: Giving the tablature to someone a, Give her the embarrassment, provoke him some unfortunate affair 7: popping hatred, discord, sedition explicit; provoke discussion 8: Raise a question, The give birth, the proposing, provoke discussion 9: , Put someone in big trouble, Put it in an embarrassing situation, provoke him Affairs 10: , see Make the country to a person, Forcing to take much trouble, provoke him much embarrassment
Provoke ki paribhasha : yuddh ke liye uchch svar se aahvaan karana

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The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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