Prudence meaning in hindi | Prudence ka matlab 

Prudence meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Prudence 
Usage of Prudence: 1: We always need prudence for success 2: Eliezer went on his commission with prudence 3: There is also the view that this may have been more prudence than paranoia. 4: CAUTION also means Cautiousness, bluntly, prudence 5: Do you understand what it takes prudence and skill to succeed in such an undertaking? You do not understand the difficulty of the case 6: Having more happiness than prudence 7: He turned, conjured, the storm dissipated by his prudence 8: His prudence equal courage 9: His prudence was found in default 10: I rely on your prudence
Prudence ki paribhasha : vaasana ya snskaar vah shakti jisake anusaar manushy kisi upasthit vishay ke snbndh men thik thik vichaar ya nirnay karata hai man ki vah shakti jisase bhale bure ka gyaan hota ho

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The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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