Quality meaning in hindi | Quality ka matlab 

Quality meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Quality 
Usage of Quality: 1: The quality of mercy is not strained. 2: To be pacifist is a very important quality in a human being. 3: computer chess games are getting cheaper all the time; furthermore, their quality is improving 4: Spleen is situated at the left of the stomach, which regulates the quality of the blood. 5: She is such a perfectionist that she insists only for the use of.
the best quality products.
6: A good quality wine has fruitiness in it. 7: The bakery has good quality brown bread. 8: his painting sets the benchmark of quality 9: the quality of being scalable 10: Statesmanship is the party four most quality expected in any leader.
Quality ki paribhasha : sada bana rahanevaala mool ya pradhaan gun ek pratyay jo snkhyaavaachak shabdon ke aage lagata hai aur utani hi baar kisi vishesh snkhyaa, maatra ya parimaan ko soochit karata hai kisi padaarth ki vah visheshata jisake dvaara vah pahachaana jaay

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The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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