Ray meaning in hindi | Ray ka matlab 

Ray meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Ray 
Usage of Ray: 1: A ray of light travels straight. 2: They are also at the heart of cathode ray tubes 3: If  =  the curve will be symmetrical about the horizontal ray 4: Such pulses, 20 times more energetic than alpha ray pulses, were seen. 5: A light ray is refracted when it passes from one medium to another 6: A ray of hope 7: A ray of joy penetrated his soul, entered his soul 8: A ray of light coming into the room by the flaps ended badly 9: A ray of sun that plays in the trees 10: bunk ray cabinet on which are placed various objects, either to ornament, or a daily use
Ray ki paribhasha : vah jisake bhitar padkar chijen dikhaayi padti hain khari ya karaari vastuon ka dabaav ya aaghaat paakar tootana dekhane ki vratti ya shakti naapane ki rassi vastuon aur vishayon ki vah bhaavana jo man ya aatma ko ho sada jal men rahanevaala ek prasiddh jiv jyoti ki ati sookshm rekhaaean jo pravaah ke roop men soorya, chndra, dipak aadi prajjavalit padaarthon se nikalakar phailati hui dikhaayi padti hai

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The word can be used as noun, verb or intransitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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