Realization meaning in hindi | Realization ka matlab 

Realization meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Realization 
Usage of Realization: 1: I was shocked by the realization that I would perhaps never see her again. 2: Clinically testable results are far from realization at this time. 3: With this realization 4: "O ye who wish to gain realization of the supreme truth 5: Such a realization liberates one from samsara and ends the cycle of rebirth. 6: Kundry says that this realization is his first sign of understanding 7: The realization that we live in a galaxy 8: Helping to something, said What contributes to the execution, realization of this thing 9: In terms of grammar, he said of the recognition, acceptance of a fact that should prevent the realization of another fact, but which does not prevent the 10: It continues the realization of his project
Realization ki paribhasha : doosare se rupaya paisa ya vastu lene ka kaam animaadi aath prakaar ke aishvaryon men se ek jisase vaanchhit padaarth milata hai athava sab ichchhaaean poorn ho jaati hain aadhunik nyaay ke anusaar pratyaksha, anumiti upamiti aur shabdabodh dvaara praapt gyaan

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The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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