Rebellious meaning in hindi | Rebellious ka matlab 

Rebellious meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Rebellious 
Usage of Rebellious: 1: a scarf was tied round her head but the rebellious curl had escaped and hung damply over her left eye 2: Her son was a rebellious terrorist. 3: Punk was a kind of rebellious rock music that began in the 1970s 4: The rebellious lead character at the time 5: Jim tells the captain about Silver and the rest of the rebellious crew. 6: Russia viewed these territories as rebellious Russian provinces 7: Punk was a form of rebellious rock that began in the 1970s 8: After the rule of the rebellious Isaac Komnenos 9: Having nearly reconquered the rebellious Netherlands 10: Columbus repeatedly had to deal with rebellious settlers and natives.
Rebellious ki paribhasha : vah jo prachalit shaasanapranaali athava raay ke viruddh vidroh kare jise kuchh kahane ya karane men snkoch na ho jo kisi ke prati vidraah ya dvesh karata ho

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The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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