Recorder meaning in hindi | Recorder ka matlab 

Recorder meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Recorder 
Usage of Recorder: 1: The speaker was connected to the tape recorder by a jack. 2: The tape recorder didnt work because the battery was down. 3: Dave signed the tape recorder out of the library . 4: "Kane was the recorder in the field and the artist in the studio" 5: The gemshorn is similar to the recorder in having finger holes on its front 6: His first patent was for the electric vote recorder 7: Columbia's flight data recorder was found near Hemphill 8: He y beautiful etchings of this recorder 9: It also said the recorder Work 10: It is said in the same direction if recorder
Recorder ki paribhasha : adaalat ka vah karmachaari jo mukadamon ke kaagajapatr rakhata hai sthaan jahaaan kisi kaarakhaane aadi ke snbndh ki kul likha padhi aur len den aadi ho

Usage of Recorder in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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