Recourse meaning in hindi | Recourse ka matlab 

Recourse meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Recourse 
Usage of Recourse: 1: have recourse to the courts 2: The only recourse left for you is to take legal action against them. 3: Hubbard went to great lengths to suppress his recourse to modern medicine 4: God alone is my recourse 5: He had recourse to conciliation ways 6: He had recourse to his intervention to succeed 7: It also means Refuge, what recourse is 8: It will have recourse against the vendor alternatively 9: No one that only serves to make many, to which one has recourse only need to fill, somehow, an empty place, a vacant position 10: recourse to the protection of a powerful man
Recourse ki paribhasha : kisi se sahaayata paane ka nishchay raajaniti men shutr par vijay paane ki sukti palatane ki kriya ya bhaav jo chuka liya gaya ho pretaadi aatmaaon ko bulaane ya vashibhoot karanevaala

Usage of Recourse in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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