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Red meaning in hindi

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As noun : अग्निवर्ण Ex:  the whip raised a red welt अरगवानी Ex:  Who is the woman in the red coat?. अरगवानी Ex:  Who is the woman in the red coat?. अरिष्ट Ex:  `red is an attributive adjective in `a red apple आदर्शवादी Ex:  Her house is roofed with red tiles. उ:   आदर्शवादी विचारक ठीक इसके विपरीत कहते हैं। उदुष्ट Ex:  He picked the red roses from the plant. कप्यास Ex:  She washed down her dinner with a bottle of red wine कल्याणक, कल्याणकर Ex:  Her hair was tied back with a red ribbon. काकुक Ex:  keys strung on a red cord किसी के स्वागत के लिये बिछाई गयी दरी Ex:  She wears a red mackintosh in rains. कृमिजा Ex:  Would you prefer red or white? क्रान्तिकारी Ex:  The baby,s eyes were red with weeping. उ:   कभी क्रान्तिकारी जीते तो कभी अंग्रेज। क्रोध मे आपे से बाहर हो जाना Ex:  She has seen a red squirrel. खुनियाँ Ex:  A mailbox is red in colour. खुनी Ex:  I like red flowers with an undertone of yellow. खूनी Ex:  I am tired of figurehting through red tape . उ:   किले के मुख्य द्वार को खूनी दरवाजा कहा जाता है। गाढा गुलाबी Ex:  Bill and Bob both have red hair . घाटे मे Ex:  I steeped the shirt in red dye . चमकीला भूरा Ex:  Steer toward the house with the red door . त्रुभदायी Ex:  Western red cedar and Western Hemlock निरूपद्रव Ex:  The red sandstone Münster पाटलोपल Ex:  Benches in the Lords Chamber are coloured red पुरखून Ex:  A common list identifies six main bands: red प्रथममंगल Ex:  People with TB often have symptoms such as red बूढ़ Ex:  Two quarters are red and two are blue. उ:   बूढ़ सुआ राम राम थोरै पढ़िहैं। रक्तपूर्ण Ex:  On the red number 8 are the names of the three astronauts. रक्तवर्ण Ex:  Mexico-born Rosita, and the furry, red preschooler Elmo. उ:   इस रोग में गलगुटिकाएँ बड़ी एवं रक्तवर्ण दिखलाई देती हैं। रक्ताक्त Ex:  The stars next closest to the Sun are the red dwarfs Barnard's Star रत्ननिधि Ex:  "bright"; the red planet was known as Pyroeis रूसी Ex:  Dishes are often quite hot, spiced with salt, red pepper, and Maggi. उ:   उसके बाद रूसी साम्राज्य का और विकास हुआ। रेड वाइन Ex:  "The Red Priest", probably because of his red hair. लक्ष्मीपुष्प Ex:  While Witnesses may not accept red cells लघमीपुष्प Ex:  The myth arose from the use of red capes in the sport of bullfighting लाल आँखें Ex:  Nelson sent the legislators a case of red bandanas लाल कपड़ा Ex:  While the colors of the flag are red लाल भूरे रंग का Ex:  The main portion of the flag was red , with the rest being green . लाल रंग Ex:  Newton originally named only five primary colours: red लाल Ex:  On September 6, 2006 the pope wore the red cappello romano . उ:   यह नीले लिटमस को लाल करता है। लालमुनी Ex:  They wore the same uniform as the chasseurs but with red epaulettes. लोहितराग Ex:  Gallopinto is Nicaragua's national dish, it consists of red beans and rice. शं Ex:  This led to the phrase: "Lead burns red and makes you dead". शुभ Ex:  It is composed primarily of red stars, believed to be ancient . उ:   इसे शुभ समझा जाता है। शुभंयु Ex:  The walls were constructed of red शुभताति Ex:  Washington ranked first in the nation in production of red raspberries शुभप्रद Ex:  The flag of Chile consists of two equal horizontal bands of white and red शुभाशंसा Ex:  If marinated for several days or more, the red color will reach to the yolk. शोण Ex:  There are texts written in red or even gold शोण Ex:  There are texts written in red or even gold समंगल Ex:  Black color, gray, red सुकृ़ति Ex:  Building a hundred francs on the red सुही Ex:  By extension, it means the red color सेँदुरा Ex:  Character of what is red सौँण Ex:  Chemistry Lead Oxide color red सौलक्षणय Ex:  Dye, colored in blue, red स्रणिका Ex:  Febrile illness, contagious, manifested by a rash of small red spots स्वंत Ex:  Field Mouse species of red color हुमायूँ Ex:  fleshy outgrowth, usually red and indented, which is on the head of some Fowl उ:   इस पुस्तक में हुमायूँ के जीवन की घटनाओं का वणॅन मिलता है।
Other : अबीरी Ex:  Look at the red throated bird. अलक्तक Ex:  rose is red आरक्त Ex:  Copper is a brown red metal. गाढ़ा गुलाबी Ex:  You'd like a red one? No problem . गेरुआ Ex:  My brothers and I have red hair . रक्त Ex:  "The Red Priest", probably because of his red hair. उ:   यह प्लाज़मा और रक्त कणों से मिल कर बनता है। लोहित Ex:  As a young man, Washington had red hair. उ:   फॉण्टों का नाम लोहित रखा गया जिसका अर्थ संस्कृत में लाल होता है। शोणित Ex:  all red Coal उ:   डुबो रही शोणित में भू को भूपों की लिप्सा रण की। सुर्ख रंग Ex:  By analogy, in terms of Natural History, he is the name given to different kinds of birds among which the red color dominates सुर्ख Ex:  By extension, it means a color to oil, red lead-based उ:   बुंदेलखंड के विभिन्न स्थानों में सुर्ख रंग की चित्रकारी भी मिलती है।
Red ki paribhasha : gnjipha ki ek krid sir ke chamade par jama hua bhoomi ke samaan chhilaka jo sir na milane se jam jaata hai laal rng men ranga hua aadarshavaad ko maananevaala ya usake anusaar rachana karanevaala maanika, birabahuti ya lahou aadi ke rng ka vishknbhaadi sattaais yogon ke antargat ek yog

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