Reed meaning in hindi | Reed ka matlab 

Reed meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Reed 
Usage of Reed: 1: The second is blowing into a mouthpiece with a single reed or a double reed . 2: He committed suicide before his capture by taking poison out of a reed 3: Floors were covered with reed mats 4: A reed game 5: Braid of straw, reed 6: Fossil plant Kind of looks like a reed 7: Frail as a reed 8: Garnish reed cane seat 9: In terms of music, trumpets Games, Games reed organ, a striking sound 10: Inflect a reed
Reed ki paribhasha : kachche aam ki dhepano ka vah ras jo usamen se sinke todte samay bahata hai ek jaati jisaka pesha shishe ki chudiyaaan vanaana hai baaansuri naam ka prasiddh baaja jo rmunh se phooankakar bajaaya jaata hai kaaans ki tarah ki ek pavitr aur prasiddh ghaas bent ki tarah ka ek prasiddh paudha jisaki pattiyaaan baaans ki pattiyon ki tarah patali aur lnbi hoti hain sarapat ki jaati ka ek paudha jisamen gaaanthavaali chhaden hoti hain baaans ka bana hua prasiddh baaja jo muanh se phooankakar bajaaya jaata hai

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The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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