Repayment meaning in hindi | Repayment ka matlab 

Repayment meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Repayment 
Usage of Repayment: 1: The repayment of the dues was made conditional on a major reforms initiative. 2: First charge implies the priority in repayment of loan . 3: Any repayment was it made of white silver 4: off an annuity, make the stop by the repayment of the principal 5: off repayment of share capital, in losing interest the creditor 6: The repayment of a debt 7: The repayment of an annuity
Repayment ki paribhasha : idhar se udhar muanh pherana hindi ya varnamaala ka unnisavaaan vynjan aur tavarg ka chautha varn jisaka uchchaaran sthaan dntamool hai kisi di hui vastu ko phir lene ya li hui vastu ko phir dene ka kaam ya bhaav ek chij lekar doosari chij dena

Usage of Repayment in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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