Residue meaning in hindi | Residue ka matlab 

Residue meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Residue 
Usage of Residue: 1: The residue of an estate.
Pesticide residues in food.
2: Wait till the residue settles down in the mix. 3: The chocolate residue found in an early classic ancient Maya pot in Río Azul 4: It also said the residue left by coal consumed 5: Sugar residue after its extraction and crystallization 6: The ashes, processed by boiling water, drop potash and leave a residue which is used as fertilizer 7: The residue An Account 8: The residue from the distillation of spirits
Residue ki paribhasha : ganit men vah riti jisake anusaar kisi ek snkhya ya maan ko kisi doosari snkhya ya maan men se ghataate hain jo kuchh bhaag nikal jaane par rah gaya ho

Usage of Residue in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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