Resolute meaning in hindi | Resolute ka matlab 

Resolute meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Resolute 
Usage of Resolute: 1: the resolute but unbroken Germany, grievously wounded but far from destruction, was able to lay the firm foundations for military revival 2: stood resolute against the enemy 3: He is a resolute man. 4: Oregon voters have been resolute in their opposition to a sales tax 5: Howard was resolute in his refusal to do this 6: It is man of execution, this is a resolute man, able to perform something bold 7: She is a woman resolute 8: This tone firm and resolute adversary disconcerted 9: , He did not have cold feet He is brave, resolute 10: , It is a square head, It is a resolute man, stubborn, obstinate
Resolute ki paribhasha : u—tulasis pavan nndan atal kruddh yuddh kautuk karai jyotish men vrash sinha, vrashchik aur kunbh ye chaar raashiyaaan, jo sthir maani gai hain sngit men saat roopakon men se ek

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The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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