Retire meaning in hindi | Retire ka matlab 

Retire meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Retire 
Usage of Retire: 1: Politicians should retire at the age of 65. 2: he could retire on his residuals 3: Joe did not want to retire to Florida . 4: When I quit working, I want to retire to Florida . 5: We will retire to our place in the country . 6: A Lord of Appeal in Ordinary must retire at the age of 70 7: Kerlan told Koufax it was time to retire 8: Most F1 drivers retire before their mid-30s 9: King said that she had wanted to retire from competitive tennis in 1981 10: At Wimbledon, Agassi announced his plans to retire following the U.S. Open.
Retire ki paribhasha : soot ya dori ke rup men besan ka ek pakavaan kisi sthaan ko tyaagakar doosare sthaan par ho jaana

Usage of Retire in sentences

The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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