Rigor meaning in hindi | Rigor ka matlab 

Rigor meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Rigor 
Usage of Rigor: 1: Time is running out rigor mortis has already set on his body. 2: Besides the physical rigor of her military career 3: Hilbert worked on putting rigor into the mathematics of physics. 4: Deploy rigor of someone against someone 5: extreme rigor 6: Geometric Spirit, Spirit is proper to geometry and which proceeds with geometric rigor and method 7: Great, extreme, unbearable rigor 8: It affects the rigor 9: It also means, figuratively, That's according to the rigor of the law, the order, or that is not likely to 10: It is a pure said of a man who, in a political party, in a philosophical school, professes and represents the orthodox doctrine in all its rigor

Usage of Rigor in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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