Rump meaning in hindi | Rump ka matlab 

Rump meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Rump 
Usage of Rump: 1: A plump rump 2: Architecture structural piece that forms the salient angle or edge of the rump of a roof of a house or any other kind of fills 3: In terms of Carousel, it means a piece of wood sharpened to a point, or armed with an iron point, the armory masters once used to prick the rump jumpers they rode and to excite them to kick off the 4: In terms Ride, Sit a horse, Dresser horse to perform its carousel tunes or gallop with lower rump than shoulders 5: It is said of a bay horse whose hair has browner or lighter marks that make her rump in any way that differentiate and dappled in part from the background color 6: It was a big bag on the rump of his horse 7: Skip rump 8: TAIL, speaking of birds, thought Big feathers coming out of their rump and which usually serve them to head in Air 9: very delicate piece that is above the rump of a bird
Rump ki paribhasha : chaupaayon visheshat ghodon ka chootad vah rassi jisase ghode ke pichhale pair baaandhate hain

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The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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