Running meaning in hindi | Running ka matlab 

Running meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Running 
Usage of Running: 1: meanwhile the socialists are running the government 2: We are running down a few tips 3: People were running due to tear-gas. 4: Industry is running away with us all 5: He came running to her. 6: His company is running in profit. 7: We watched children were running by 8: Seeing a pudgy child running everyone bursted into a laughter. 9: He is running the company uneconomically. 10: I spent the morning running errands
Running ki paribhasha : vah chij jisase koi chij dhoi ya saaph ki jaay ek prakaar ka sadaabahaar ped jisaki lakadi chikani, bahut majaboot aur andar se laal hoti hai nraty men ek prakaar ki cheshta jisamen haath ke ishaare se kisi ko bulaaya jaata hai chid ka ped jisase gndhaabiroja nikalata hai daudne ki kriya ya bhaav

Usage of Running in sentences

The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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