Rupture meaning in hindi | Rupture ka matlab 

Rupture meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Rupture 
Usage of Rupture: 1: There is a deep rupture between our friendship due to some misunderstanding. 2: Because of its enormous energy release and shallow rupture depth 3: When a severe enough plaque rupture occurs in the coronary vasculature 4: The first great rupture in the Church followed this Council. 5: A much less extensive rupture occurred when 6: Breaking done ripping, tearing or result in the rupture of 7: By analogy, it means in terms of medicine, rupture of muscle fibers or muscles 8: Coup blood effusion is happening in the brain by the sudden rupture of some blood vessels 9: , Put someone the market by hand, give Him the last choose to hold or break a commitment to conclude or waive the threatening rupture
Rupture ki paribhasha : kisi vastu men vah khaali sthaan jo phatane ya sui, kaaante hathiyaar aadi ke aarapaar chubhane se hota hai lakava naamak rog jisamen rogi ke ang tedhe or vekaam ho jaate hai aaghaat ya jhatake se kisi padaarth ke do ya adhik khnd karana aaant ka utarakar andkosh men chale jaana vah khaali jagah jo kisi chij ke phatane par lakir ke roop men pad laati hai aaghaat lagane ka kaaran athava yon hi kisi poli chij ka is prakaar tootana ya khndit hona athava usamen daraar pad jaana jisamen bhitar ki chijen baahar nikal paden athava dikhaayi dene lagen sharir ke jodon men honevaali pid

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The word can be used as noun, verb or intransitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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