Rural meaning in hindi | Rural ka matlab 

Rural meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Rural 
Usage of Rural: 1: bed is khatiya called in rural language. 2: He belongs to rural area. 3: In rural areas the water used from the wells is not potable. 4: the electrification of rural Tennessee 5: bed is khatiya called in rural language. 6: this year we will be going to rural areas under agritourism. 7: Cattle raiding is also a major problem in rural areas of South Sudan. 8: It consists of panchayats in rural areas and municipalities in urban areas. 9: During the antebellum period North Carolina was an overwhelmingly rural state 10: Mitchell, and Yancey, which are all located in rural areas - remain "dry" .
Rural ki paribhasha : gadhaa, ghoda, khachchara, bail aadi pashu jo paale jaate aur gaaanvon men rahate hain graam ka vaasi ya nivaasi

Usage of Rural in sentences

The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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