Rust meaning in hindi | Rust ka matlab 

Rust meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Rust 
Usage of Rust: 1: unsusceptibility to rust 2: Jake scraped off the rust . 3: Scrub away that rust if you can . 4: Bronzer a gun barrel, Give, by means of fire, a bluish color which is used to preserve the rust 5: He eventually rust 6: He no longer wrote for some time, it took the rust and it removes rust 7: His works, though full of rust time worth studying 8: If rust Memory 9: Iron is gradually removes rust when the mania often 10: It also said the plants attacked by rust
Rust ki paribhasha : vah gaddha jo gadh ke chaaron aur raksha ke liye khod diya jaata hai tel ityaadi men niche baithi hui mail ek prakaar ki badi naav jo bahut chaudi hoti hai

Usage of Rust in sentences

The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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